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What is SOSINK?

SOSINK stands for "Southwestern Ohio, Southeastern Indiana and Northern Kentucky." The twelve counties of our Tri-State Region form an Urban Areas Security Initiative region (UASI), which provides financial assistance to address the unique planning, equipment, training, and exercise needs of high-threat, high-density urban areas. This regional initiative also assists us in building an enhanced and sustainable capacity to prevent, respond to, and recover from threats or acts of terrorism. Our USAI region includes the city of Cincinnati and the counties of Hamilton, Butler, Warren, Clermont, Clinton, Brown, Highland and Adams in Ohio; Boone, Kenton and Campbell in Kentucky and Dearborn in Indiana. The UASI program provides the Tri-State Region the opportunity to enhance regional preparedness efforts throughout the Tri-State Region.

Major Projects

  • Creation and build out of the Regional Operations Center (ROC)

  • Construction of two backup operations centers (Butler Co. & Clermont Co.)

  • Deployment of regional Command Vehicles (Hamilton County Fire Chiefs, Cincinnati Fire Department, Cincinnati Police Department and Northern Kentucky

  • Deployment of Decontamination trailers throughout the region

  • Deployment of Mass Casualty trailers throughout the region

  • Creation of the Regional Terrorism Early Warning Group (TEWG)

  • Deployment of the regional license plate reader system

  • Regional camera system and monitoring center

  • Enhancement of regional EOD assets

  • Enhancement of regional USAR teams

  • Enhancement of regional HAZMAT units

  • Enhancements to regional communication centers and interoperable Communications

  • Regional Alternative Care Center

  • Regional Citizen Alerting System

  • Upgraded regional hospital decontamination capabilities

  • Pharmaceutical cache stockpiles for the region

  • PPE gear for regional fire and police forces

  • Regional multi-discipline training network




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