The SOSINK Fire Committee consists of representatives from fire departments throughout the 12-county, 3-state region. The committee meets monthly to discuss past, present and future fire-related projects. The goal of the committee is to implement projects throughout the region that will enhance the capabilities of the fire service. The committee discusses and plans projects that will have the greatest impact on the region's homeland security efforts.


  • Regional SCBA truck

  • Regional WMD Notebook system

  • Regional monitor/detection equipment

  • Hamilton County Fire Chiefs Command Vehicle

  • Cincinnati Fire Department Command Vehicle

  • MDC radio upgrades

  • USAR equipment upgrades

  • Tech rescue trailer

  • Mass Casualty Gator Project

  • Mass Casualty Incident Trailers

  • Decontamination Trailers

Chairman: CH Paul Wright
Phone: 513.985.1633

Co-Chairman: Capt. Thomas Thomas
Phone: 513.591.5001

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